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Grappling Mats for Rent



Swiss Grappling League offers you the possibility of renting professional Grappling Mats for your tournament or show.

We can offer you 3 mat fields which can be assambeld to a battlefield of 6 m x 6 m. Therefore you will have 36 m2 (squaremeters) each and 108 m2 in Total. The mats are 5 cm thick and very comfortable as their smooth surface will avoid any matburns.


They can be rented for following kind of tournaments or shows:

  • Grappling tournaments
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships
  • Amateur MMA Shows or Championships
  • Warmup fileds for any Mixed Martial Arts show


The installation is very quick compared to Puzzle- or Judo Mats as they are beeing rolled out and taped for fixture.



1 DAY / 1 FIELD CHF 200,00

1 DAY / 2 FIELDS CHF 300,00

1 DAY / 3 FIELDS CHF 400,00


Other renting options or duration only per request.


The mats are beeing transported and fixed by the renter (owner). A Transportation fee is due at the time of rent.

If you want to transport the mats yourself you will need to pay a deposit and the renter needs to pick them up personally in Lucerne (Switzerland).


Inquieries for Rent can be done by Email or Phone:


PHONE.: +41 (0) 76 776 1067



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